....Prysmatic Dreams has dedicated itself to successfully invigorating and empowering not only the culture of spoken word poetry. But also the artists who make it a reality.
Members of PD reach across the entire nation and beyond. Many artists of today's genre can trace their roots to, or tell wonderful tales of, opportunities via Prysmatic Dreams.Even the definition of the name "Prysmatic" represents unity beyond boundaries.


Definitions of Prysmatic: Submitted to Merriam Webster dictionary 8-2007

* A derivative of the word prismatic

* Noun: "Prysmatic" A person who is multi racial, multi cultural, and or, multi national. A living bridge between peoples, races and nations through ancestry, cultural philosophy or personal ideology. E pluribus unum. Example: "Prysmatic people"

* adjective: exhibiting traits formed by the multi national, multi cultural and inter racial experience.

* verb: to defy hereditary, cultural, social or historically imposed limitations.


Many thousand now use that terminology to describe themselves as a people.
They are the talented creators of innovative and unique venues of poetic expression such as - The Session telecypher, and it's Columbia, SC based venue wich streams LIVE world wide each month, The Session LIVE!!! PD has aired and archived 2 Las vegas based series in 2007-UnSung Innerviews with Warrick Roundtree and Whispered Words Wednesday's cohosted by Max Parthas and based on the successful online CD series -Whispered Words Poetry mixtapes. Through the NWO network PD presented the long running -Reach Back Interview Series hosted by Max Parthas, Connecticut based Dean "Disillusioned" Russel and Detroits Legacy Leonard. In 2006 -The PD Spoken Word Showcase, and also the groundbreaking -2006 Muse Awards.

PD has organized and managed several national tours in 07/08 & 09 including The NWO Up Top Tour -The 2008 NWO Word Warriors tour 08/09-and on Since January 30th 2008, PD has presented several major showcases called SAHAS.
Via the NWO network PD has formed partnerships and many successful joint ventures with many organizations like Houston based PoetryOverMusic.com, Hawaii based Freedomversecafe.com, Atlanta based organization Smoothaskappacino.com, NYC based, Supreme Entertainment, Sam Lee TV, Street Truth TV. The Speak Freely foundation of Charleston, SC, The Christopher Johnson foundation in association with The Providence Black Repertory Company of Providence, RI. The SFPC foundation of Nashville, TN.

All this and so much more has had an enduring and positive impact on an entire generation of poets. "Together we can do anything, separately we can only be alone" has always been the motto that drives PD. Now after a decade, Prysmatic Dreams is a unifying force in our society. As individuals they honestly care about people and the world we live in. As a group that proactive concern becomes an explosion of empowerment.
The very name our poetic culture is known by was coined by PD poets. It is truly~
"The New Word Order."
Courageous and inspiring are two words that well describe these altruistic dreamers.
Across the entire spectrum of spoken word - poetry and throughout their many exemplifying activist endeavors. Prysmatic Dreams makes a difference. How? Why?
Visit www.TheNewWordOrder.com and read the mission statement.
Visit www.WhisperedWordsPoetry.com and read the "Why We Do It" page.
Visit www.PrysmaticDreams.com and see the power in the prose.
Listen to "The Price Of Life" @ Whispered Words and understand how these poets have even saved lives with naught but words.
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I will quote the legendary Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets when asked what he thought of Prysmatic Dreams during an interview with Warrick Roundtree of Las Vegas's www.UnTamedTongues.com

"I'm proud to be among such warriors who use their pens as swords and their notepads as shields. This is just what we need in the world today. A perfect fit. The New Word Order."
Abiodun Oyewole (The Last Poets)



I don't have prejudice against myself. My father was a white and my mother was black. Them call me half-caste or whatever. I'm not on nobody's side. I'm not on on the black man's side nor the white man's side. I'm on God's side, the one who create me and cause me to come from black and white. ......."BOB MARLEY"