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What is The New Word Order

*Simply put, it is our age's birthright and the next generation's destiny.
A gathering of the like unseen since the Harlem Renaissance. Not only are we a poetic paradigm shift,
The New Word Order is a philosophy.

*Throughout history, poetry has been the connecting force in all vocal genres.
Whenever a pen touches parchment with intentions of structuring language for artistic display it is birthed first as poetry.

*You should be aware that today's art is far from what it once was. People are dancing in clubs to rhythmic poetry singles like Common's "Corners" featuring The Last Poets.
Pop artists like Jewel and Alicia Keys are promoting poetry books and Spoken Word artists like Saul Williams are doubling as Rock singers.
You might even find a sensual CD of prose placed right next to a Barry White case just waiting for "that special romantic moment".

Poet-Activists thrive on lobbying, informing and inspiring change.
Tehut-9, of the Fifth Element, in the January 2005 New Word Order ReachBack Inner-Views said,
"God is a poet".

*God indeed is a poet. He created life, and life is certainly poetic by nature.
Poetry can offer us the social consciousness of our human society, clearly displayed for all to see.
From our innermost truths, to our most secretive passions,
poetry weaves life.
In the beginning was The Word and God is the poet who wrote it.
If you want to view the soul of any entity, from a nation down to a single individual,
read the poetry.

*Today's culture shift and technological advancements offers our generation a chance to take center stage within the media eye. Everywhere you look there's poetry.
Unfortunately, as a combined force it is sorely lacking in application.
With so many groundbreaking and historical achievements in recent years, the art of The Word in any of its forms,
should be as big culturally as it's sister genre's.
Many of us believe it will be.
That it is ultimately destined to be so.
By combining our efforts, We, as The New Word Order artists, have a rare opportunity in history to present the artistic use of The Word into mainstream culture.

*Whatever happens next depends on us as individuals, and yet, none of us can manage this fated journey alone.
So for the sake of prosperity we must seek to overcome the invisible boundaries that have kept us divided.
We can earnestly reach back for those who follow diligently
and then reach forward with hope for those pioneers who have courageously led the way.
There is a place for us and about us where poets can display their art and pursue their artistic dreams.
A place within mainstream media where groundbreaking entertainment, and unique forms of expressive edutainment
are the expected standard.

We want you to come and join us there today.
Your time has come. Your stage is set.
Be poets, be proud, and be welcomed to…

The New Word Order

The NWO commitments

1. People - We are committed to cultivating and promoting the individual artist first.
Without the creative force that one single imagination can provide, our genre would be empty.

2. Poetry - We are committed to honoring and chronicling all forms of poetic expression regardless of type, with the intent of popularizing its potential and appeal as a cultural phenomenon.

3. Providing Resources - We are committed to seeking and making available shared resources, which further cultivate free poetic expression. To give it freely if possible, bartered if able, loaned if available, and traded if that's the best we can do.

4. Providing Outlets - We are committed to providing and promoting forums for entertaining and edutaining, as well as presenting quality poetic art through publicly displayed multi-media outlets.

5. Preservation and Recognition - We are committed to the preserving and recognizing our genre's achievements, organizations, organizers and artists.