The Dec PD Showcase was an incredible sight to see and experience.
Standing room only with a roster of artists that was simply amazing.
Marc Marcel, Tavis Brunson, Hawk The Poet, Danielle The Girl Genius, ERYK Moore, Tabu, JB, and of course the hosts Max Parthas & Nyne Elementz.

A Columbia local, JB opened the show with an outstanding dexterous level of abstract prose.
He also began the second set with a poem about Darfur that took everyone's breath away with its realism and poetic pleas for help and understanding.
JB is the new host of the Phoenix Tongue in Columbia SC. Located @ The Red Tub.

A pleasant and unique performer by the name of Hawk really made an impact. His comedic performance of "Gun Range" left the crowd in stitches.
A later piece called BOO BOO (That's POO POO) was a wake up call to the aids epidemic in a way we never would have expected.

Tavis Brunson. A multiple slam winner offered a wonderful dedication to poets which gave the crowd a glimpse of the reasons poets do what they do. As a spectator I couldn't help but be moved by his later performance of a personal crisis during his childhood.
Poetry can be the most intense form of performance art of any genre.

Eryk Moore. Wow. This ATL poet had to be the show stopper. From his performance of "Renee" to the outstanding "Therapy" we were captured by his every word. As a review writer I don't usually promote products. (Conflict of interest and all that) But I highly suggest you get his CD "This Mans Life" I got it that night and it's been in rotation on my player since.

Also out of Atlanta came Danielle Reed AKA The Girl Genius.
This powerfully endowed poetess took us all for a ride. At one point her poetry was performed forward AND in reverse! I would have never imagined such a thing could happen and still have a coherent flow.
She is one to watch without a doubt.

From the 2005-06 Columbia slam team, the poetess Tabu recited in such a smooth and memorable fashion that we were drawn into her words like bees to honey.
Fluid, melodic and empowering are all words I would use to describe the strengths this poet possesses.
She told us her main forte was as a thespian. I find that hard to believe but will certainly be looking for her on the stage at some time.

Marc Marcel. In my experiences of reviewing spoken word events I rarely come across poets with such a high level of awareness about the world.
To combine that awareness with spoken word transcends poetry and becomes something more. The crowd was literally elevated by his performances. Marc is a national performer with a long track record of personal achievements in his field. I sincerely hope to catch a glimpse of his work in the future. I would think he leaves behind an awakening of the mind as his calling card.

As a new addition to the Showcase. Nyne Elementz was added as a co-host.
He and Maximus blended together as if they had been doing this for years. Even finishing each others sentences naturally.

Nyne performed several poems including a finale that was aimed at those in the industry who offer very little substance and claim much more than they possess in a poem entitled "I'm not impressed". What a way to end a show!

As a Columbia native myself, I'll be here each month to keep you updated on the performances @ The Prysmatic Dreams Spoken Word Showcase.
This city has a new jewel in its bonnet and I hope it never stops.
Maximus Parthas & Prysmatic Dreams Keep doing what you're doing because this city needs it.

Till January of a new year. Stay blessed.


NWO Reviews


....If the Openeing night for The Prysmatic Dreams November Spoken Word Showcase in Lexington SC was an indication of things to come, The Bible belt is in for a poetic treat indeed. Well choreographed and packed with memorable highlights, The show started with a bang that never lost it's energy or our attention.

Johns Starino (A local artists and promoter) opened the event with an entertaining bardic style delivery. This was followed in fluid and powerful succession by each of the featured poets within a sequence of prize performances..

Nyne elementz's Find a poet ~A top notch performance with a promise of just how powerful a simple poem can be. He later expressed that in more detail with his classic delivery of the definitive poem Paper Terrorist. His performance of Drama Queen in the second set made more than a few representatives of the fairer sex raise a threatening fist while the men in the cafe yelled out Tell it! in support*

Max Parthas
followed with an excellent metaphoric masterpiece called Freestyle. This was dedicated to another PD poet NuEshe who collaborated on the orginal studio production of the poem. It's rumored NuEshe will feature in Dec. Let's hope we get to hear the other half then. Audience particpation was at a peak during the recital of the title track from the popular Whispered Words Poetry M ixtapes release
What Happened To Hip Hop
. The nuances and delivery were woven into an intricate history lesson on Hip Hop's lineage. The finisher was the powerful single. Youth, I used to know you. If you haven't heard this gem your missing out on a treasure of poetic content aimed at reminding our kids just what levels of change they are truly capable of.

Dain Brammage brought us an experience in the art of character performance. From the deeply touching and emotional A simple embrace, to the classic definition of a poetic culture in Slam! His ability to switch emotional content on a dime was astounding. The Battle cry of the obese warrior had everyone laughing comfortable as Dain Brammage entertained us with the credos of the buffet table. He carried out the
show with a conspiratorial piece which left more questions than answers. His Corporate Spin was thoughtfully dizzying.

After tons of hyping up, Tribal Raine did one poem. But it turned out to be one we'll not soon forget. The Respect of a poet. She earned it in spades thatnight at The Three beans Net Cafe. An intense performance done with vision, conviction and practiced skill.

Two addittional local artists smoothly carried the poetic torch for Lexington's homegrown talent. 1'Der. A member of the Columbia slam team who gave a truly memorable show, and Vondella. Host of The V Spot open mic in Orangeburg. Her rendition of Can I write was like a cold quotesmack to the face that figuratively & literally woke us right up.

We give the Prysmatic Dreams Spoken Word Showcase a 4 out of 5 stanza review. Excellent performances. Great content. An interested and excited crowd. And a comfortable blending of talented performers throughout it's two hour premier.

Well worth visiting. Sponsors provided FREE Whispered Words CD's, FREE copies of Other_ Magzine and a hellova cup of cappacino. We'll be back.

NWO Reviews